HADAAF is a locally based group aiming to articulate public opposition to and concerns about Fracking. Find us on Facebook here

This area has not yet been subject to bids but is likely to be in 2015. Test drilling (by Rathlin) has been approved on 2 sites in East Yorkshire. They claimed it was just for conventional gas but they have now extended their bids to shale gas.

Our purpose is to mobilise local opposition in advance. Government and the Fracking industry are apprehensive about well organised local resistance.

Public opinion is largely hostile to Fracking but passive until drilling starts. Opponents of Fracking need to join forces and act ahead of the bids.

The alliance already comprises Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace, Green Party, independent and church campaigners. The sum can be greater than the parts. The aim is to invite a much wider range of interests – environmental, heritage, water quality, wildlife, businesses, social groups and councils to associate themselves actively with our campaign.

York City Council, Hull and others across the UK have voted to resist Fracking. We need to stand with such councils and encourage others to take a stand.


Blue areas are prospective shale gas fields.

Boxed areas are already licensed for fracking.


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